How it is achieved:

Quick hypnotherapy takes only seconds or a few minutes to achieve. The person's concentration and imagination are centred on the idea of relaxing. To achieve quick relaxation, their body and mind are gently directed to relax and release all tiredness and tension. To achieve confidence, their mind is gently directed to disassociating the feeling of discomfort from the thought of public speaking and associating the feeling of confidence and self-assuredness with public speaking and speaking in meetings; this means that, at the next speaking opportunity, the person feels confident, calm and collected before and during speaking.

This works by speaking directly to the most powerful, creative aspect of the mind: that is why it works so quickly. Once relaxed, the person can return to their day feeling revived and invigorated.

I will be taking care of you and your wellbeing from start to finish. ​


How it is done:

The person is invited to focus on their concentration through simple and quick exercises with their hands or arms. It takes minimal effort on their part. ​ ​


The benefits are: ​

+ It is very time efficient;

+ It works with little or no effort on your part; 

+ It is done on your premises, so you do not need to leave your building; ​

+ Unlike yoga or massages, you do not need to have your gym kit with you or get changed;

+ It can be done at any time: there are no side effects other than a feeling of calm and relaxation, so it can be done at any time of the day, including before starting work, during your work, and just before you go home to recharge your batteries ready for your social or family life; ​

+ Physical contact is not required, but I may touch your hand or arm to hypnotise you, if you are comfortable with this. ​


Please note that hypnotherapy may not be appropriate for a person who currently has or has had psychotic symptoms, including hallucinations and delusions.