Welcome to In-Sight! My name is Alexis Sohpia Faber. I am an expert in body language, people-reading, facial microexpressions, deception-detection and psychology. I use cutting-edge academic and scientific research to help companies and professionals with:


+ Adapting their Body Language to achieve their goals, be it advancing their career, coming across as assertive or approachable;

+ Mastering the science behind their thinking processes and decision-making to reduce the risk of flawed decisions and planning;

+ Improving their productivity and increasing their wellbeing in less than one hour in their own workplace;

+ Getting ahead in negotiations, corporate investigations and recruitment by finding out what others are really thinking.



What you will be receiving:

+ Client-centred, individualised service: My priority is understanding exactly what my clients want to achieve and providing an individualised and bespoke service to help them achieve their goals. That is why all training courses and programme include follow-on support as of standard. I do this job because I care about helping people. I listen to what clients want to achieve and I adapt my service to their needs and their goals. I know that every person and every organisation is different, so no two training programmes should be the same: the content, duration and style adapts to you.

+ Latest scientific research: I use the latest research and the most cutting-edge techniques. All of my skills, techniques and knowledge are derived from academic and scientific studies published in reputable scientific journals or by reputable authors expert in their field. You will often find me in the Science Reading Room at the British Library!

+ Understanding of your Business and Career: training and services: I used to work as a lawyer in a busy City firm. I understand how it is like to work in a busy office and in a demanding environment. I have experienced myself the demands in which my clients – whether individuals or organisations – operate.

+ London, the UK or international availability: I am based in London, but I can attend conferences, events and retreats nationwide or internationally.


Here you can find out more about me.