Hello, I am Alexis Sophia Faber. As a lawyer who used to work in a busy corporate London City law firm, I understand the challenges of working long hours in a high-pressure and demanding environment, delivering accuracy and value, whilst maintaining one's productivity at work. Having insight into how to harness the power of my mind has changed the way I approach work, thinking processes and how I relate to myself and others. It has been a revolution of immense benefit to me and I want to share these insights with others.

Alongside a legal career, I have counselling training and have 8 years' experience volunteering with charities such as Mind, Macmillan Cancer Support and the Royal British Legion in counselling-like roles. I have extensive knowledge of body language, psychology and cognitive psychology, which studies how the mind processes information and formulates thoughts. This includes unconscious bias and mental shortcuts that create flaws in one's thinking.

I have trained in reading microexpressions (minute movements of facial muscles indicating emotions) on Paul Ekman's course, the discoverer of microexpressions and foremost world expert on the subject. I have the most up-to-date knowledge of psychological and questioning techniques of deception detection. ​

I learnt hypnosis more than two years ago and have used it since to help people lead more fulfilling lives and be happier with themselves.​

I chose to volunteer with charities and to mentor because I enjoy helping people achieve their potential, accomplish their goals and be happy with themselves and their lives. 

I know the importance of being happy, having a healthy mind and a healthy body and I can motivate and help you find your own way to be happy, successful and confident in yourself.


In my spare time, I enjoy running, doing spin at the gym and climbing (bouldering and rope-climbing).

I play poker where I use my people-reading and smart decision-making skills to my advantage.

I love walking around London and experiencing the varied culture, beautiful architecture and the wonderful variety of humanity. Besides English, I am fluent in German and Italian.