Your body language, your image and your voice convey a message about you, whether you want it or not. By learning to use confident and assertive body language, you can influence the perception that others have of yourself, your abilities and your competence.

Make the right impression at job interviews, in meetings or when interacting with clients and colleagues. Make your body language assertive, confident and positive to help you present your image effectively to achieve your goals.

I deliver body language training in the workplace to help:

+ Salespeople understand their clients' body language and use their own body language for effective sales: here is an example of body language sales training. ​

+ CEOs and Executives fine-tune their body language and communication for assertive and positive leadership: here is an example of body language executive training.

+ Women: training specifically designed for professional women in the workplace: here is an example of body language, voice and image training.

+ Public speakers adopt confident and assertive body language, image and voice in meetings with clients and their colleagues to become a calm, collected and confident speaker: here is an example of confidence speaking training.

+ HR and recruitment specialists adapt a positive body language to present their organisation in the best possible light and understand the body language of candidates: here is an example of body language HR and recrtuiment training.

In the training, I also teach simple cognitive psychology tricks to help with effective communication, for example for effective sales and for executives and CEOs.


All training includes follow-on support as a matter of course. ​

All body language training is available as one-to-one sessions for individuals, as a training course or workshop for your organisation.