Professionals are judged by their behaviour and their image. Learn how to use your body language, image and voice to come across as confident and self-assured.

Learn how to make yourself heard and listened to by using assertive body language and what to do when you are interrupted. Learn to recognise the body language of others. This training can be especially useful for women's associations and women's networks in male-dominated sectors and companies.


Our image and what we wear sends a message to others about us. Using studies by cognitive psychologists and body language experts, learn how to use your image to promote the impression of yourself you want to give.

Pay Rise

Using methods devised by psychologists and negotiators, learn how to ask for a pay rise or to promote yourself in a confident and assertive way.

Some women are not comfortable asking for a pay rise. A 2017 study by Channel 4 found that 59% of women surveyed had never asked for a pay rise; one of the main reasons was that they felt too apprehensive to ask for it.

Using proven techniques, learn how to ask for a pay rise, make your ambition noticed by your managers, and promote yourself assertively and without coming across as "pushy" or "bossy". ​


Clients who were interested in this Body Language Training were often also interested in the Decision-Making Training, to reduce the chance of flaws in your thinking and planning, and in increasing their Productivity and Wellbeing.


An example of Women Body Language Training may include:

+ Handshake + Confidence positions

+ Becoming aware of submissive behaviour and poses

+ How to speak so that your voice is heard and what to do if you are interrupted

+ How to apologise without coming across as weak or submissive

+ Coming across as solid and steady: arms, hands and torso

+ Arms

+ Image

+ Voice and intonation

+ Feet and legs

+ Becoming aware of how your body language may be interpreted