Do you want to become a better and more confident public speaker?

Some people have anxiety, nervousness or fear of public speaking and for some people public speaking is an outright fear. The importance of public speaking in the office cannot be underestimated: client meetings, meetings with your boss or colleagues, networking events and even interviews all require speaking in front of others, often strangers.

I can teach you on how to master the art of public speaking performance by becoming a calm, confident and self-assured speaker.

Using body language, voice and image training I help people convey confidence and competence.

Some people, in addition, choose to have hypnotherapy with their public speaking and communication training. It can be useful for people who are nervous, anxious or fearful public speakers. Hypnotherapy can decrease anxieties related to public speaking by dissociating feelings of anxiety from the thought of public speaking and replace them with feelings of calm and confidence. So in a matter of minutes, a person may turn into a calm, collected and confident speaker. You can find out more about how hypnotherapy is done here.


An example of what you may learn in Public Speaking Body Language Training:

+ Confidence and likeability

+ Techniques to calm anxiety and promote calmness

+ Becoming aware of submissive and nervous behaviour

+ Confidence poses

+ The power of a calm and clear voice

+ Becoming aware of behaviour betraying discomfort