Leaders of people and of organisations are always communicating to those within their organisation and outside. Executives' voice, image and body language communicate to those watching, whether they mean it or not. Make sure what you communicate helps your career progression and your success.

Body language training is an ideal addition to your executive and management training programme. You can learn how to:

+ Gain and retain influence;

+ Gain goodwill from those around you;

+ Adopt positive and confident body language and voice;

+ Communicate with others effectively using your body language and verbal language;

+ Learn techniques to build a rapport with others;

+ And a lot more, in an individualised and engaging learning atmosphere that adapts to you.


The Body Language training for Executives and CEOs uses cutting-edge and the latest cognitive psychology and emotional intelligence research. It can be adapted to your own individual needs. For example, it can include techniques for showing empathy and establishing a rapport with employees or establish and show similarities with others to gain influence. Let me know what you want to achieve, I can work out a training programme just for you.

Clients who were interested in the Executive Body Language Training were often also interested in the Decision-Making Executive Training, to reduce the chance of flaws in your thinking and planning, and in increasing their Productivity and Wellbeing.


An example of what you may learn in Body Language Training for CEOs and Executives:

+ Handshake

+ Confident yet positive poses

+ Mirroring

+ Palms, arms and hands

+ Mirroring

+ Silence for gravitas and to elicit information

+ What to say to drive the conversation without the other person realising

+ The power of voice: speed, tone and pitch The training can be adapted depending on what you want to achieve:

+ Showing empathy to employees

+ Showing confidence in meetings and in the C-suite

+ Projecting a confident and likeable image ​