Body language can make or break sales. Sometimes the salesperson's body language, tone of voice or verbal language can put off clients, but salespeople do not realise this is happening. Sometimes clients express emotions through body language that the salesperson does not understand and the clients lose interests or are alienated.

Enhance your selling skills and learn how to recognise and adapt positive body language in your sales:

+ Understand what customers think from their language and body language;

+ Understand how to get around stumbling blocks in sales;

+ Identify what sales approaches are effective for different clients;

+ Adapt your body language to communicate effectively;

+ Learn effective communication techniques;

+ And more, in a calm and engaging learning atmosphere.


The Body Language Sales Training programme can be tailored entirely to the needs of your organisation. Every company and every individual is different and operates in different circumstances and any effective training should reflect this.

The training programme includes techniques from the latest cognitive psychology and emotional intelligence research. These techniques are used to ask questions to create a rapport, elicit information and find leads for further sales. These can be particularly useful in training for telephone sales. ​


Here is an example of Body Language Sales Training: ​

+ Handshake

+ Hands, arms and palms

+ Mirroring clients 

+ Distance from clients

+ The power of silence to elicit information

+ Asking questions to elicit information

+ Telephone sales and negotiations

+ Voice (on and off the phone)

+ How to avoid the perception of a "hard sale" and how to cultivate the perception of a "soft" sale

+ Checking for defensive or discomfort behaviour or verbal language in customers and how to adjust own body language and tone to encourage comfort and trust

+ How to end a conversation to ensure deal is concluded and carried through or to keep door open to future contact ​