Human Resources professionals are key to a company's success. They select the new talent, potential and ambition to join the company. By virtue of their responsibilities, they project the image of the organisation and promote it outside the company. They can be the first faces of the organisation potential new employees see and assess.

To save the time and money in hiring unsuitable candidates and to save the money and effort in replacing them, learn how to recognise body language in others. The HR and Recruitment Training helps HR professionals to:

+ Learn to read body language;

+ Identify signs of stress and nervousness in response to specific questions;

+ Identify confident or submissive body language in potential recruits;

+ Understand the common automatic thinking flaws in assessing others;

+ Present yourself and your company in a positive and self-assured way;

+ And lots more!


The content of the training can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.


For more in-depth People-Reading, I can attend your recruitment and selection processes to help you evaluate your job applicants.


Clients who were interested in this Body Language Training were often also interested in the Decision-Making Training, to reduce the chance of flaws in your thinking and planning, and in increasing their Productivity and Wellbeing.


An example of what you may learn in the Body Language HR and Recrtuiment Training:

+ Warding off against own defensiveness and closing off your own mind to information 

+ How to read the body language of others

+ Checking for defensive or discomfort behaviour or verbal language in interviewees

+ How to ask questions to elicit disclosure

+ How to adjust your own body language and tone to encourage trust and comfort

+ Confident and positive body language

+ Handshake

+ Hands, palms and arms